The Lonely Troll

the lonely troll

…the loneliest troll in all of London – kind, thoughtful, uncommonly courteous, but a troll, nonetheless, and everyone was wary of trolls.

Long ago in London town, beneath Kew Bridge, there lived a troll. Not an angry troll with a gruffly roar and a smelly coat and an old pair of boots where his toes poked through, but a pleasant troll who combed his hair and tipped his hat at passers-by. Beneath that troll, the river ran, the grand old Thames where the herons fished. The herons, still as water fountains, stood all day, waiting for fish to wriggle into their beaks. But as they toiled the old troll slept, waiting for the night air to tickle his senses.

Because it was then, when the stars appeared and the moon set forth to keep the city from falling into darkness, that he woke and stretched and smoothed his beard and sat upon the bridge to think.


Download The Lonely Troll e-book

Download The Lonely Troll e-book

The Lonely Troll is a story by Rob Clucas-Tomlinson in three volumes, illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown.

Order a handmade print copy for £7.99 

Download the e-book for £2.99


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